Before & after kids

I want to talk about the different stages you go through before you have kids in comparison to after! HAIR Before kids i would make sure i washed my hair every other day, blow dry & straighten it. Style it to look decent. Have it highlighted & cut every 6 weeks. Take hair tablets to … Continue reading Before & after kids


When 1 becomes 2

Our latest addition to our family is now 1 month old today. Another little girl to finish the family. I definitely hadn't imagined just how tough it was going to be... I was preparing for sleepless nights and endless crying. Instead I've been blessed with another brilliant sleeper and content baby. Part of that I … Continue reading When 1 becomes 2

Mum means business!

Back in 2014 I fell pregnant with my first daughter Alana. I was working full time in Theatre PR. I researched nurseries and childcare options but it was so expensive and on the wage I was on it would've been pointless working so I chose to stay at home. However, I had never wanted to … Continue reading Mum means business!